Cleanux - status

The version in CVS now is using Gtk2.0, which means a lot nicer GUI. Have also added a latex2xhtml converter, which takes a report LaTeX document and converts it into XHTML. This is not finished, but works well with my 70 pages dissertation, with cross references etc.

The cleaner is not quite ok for HTML Strict and XHTML/XML, I think. But of course, tons of bugs are expected, but it is starting to look good :-) Should be useful for some house keeping.

Forgot to say that the version in CVS is a working version with Gtk1.2 interface. Works with XML and XHTML, but there's tons of bugs. Should be a little useful though for tydying things up a *bit*.

All is now in CVS, see download page. The ELisp version is as it were, whereas the Python version will be rewritten to take into account more languages than just XHTML, HTML and XML.

Restarted the project, after lying dead a year.

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